Is it time for a re-roof? Roof replacement is not a small investment so, when the years have taken its toll on your roofing system, we are here to help protect your investment. We understand that no two buildings are the same; our sales team works hand-in-hand with our project management team to execute your roof replacement efficiently and provide you with a quality product best suited for your budget and current building codes. Our installers are certified by high-quality roofing manufacturers and trained to install various roof products.



You can’t always protect your roof from a fallen tree branch, extreme weather conditions or driving into your roof overhang. Whatever the case may be, feel confident that SABATEK will assess the affected area and provide you with a reasonable quote for repairs. Our technicians take step by step photos that we pass on to the customer to show before and after documentation of the repair process.



Maintaining your roof never comes to mind until an unexpected roof leak comes up, but why wait? Roofing manufacturers, suggest the warranty coverage applies with a consistent maintenance schedule to ensure no water backup on the waterways (valleys, flashing details, etc.) hence, not leaving the opportunity of premature damage to your asset. We suggest a minimum of one site visit per year by a professional to ensure there are no surprises come winter. We can assess, report our findings and provide a quote for recommended repairs and maintenance to prevent any damage. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency!



Emergency repair service is designed to urgently put in place a repair to protect the property, contents or stock from further damage.

You can call us 24/7!